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Product Features (not offered by another in the market): 

  1. Drastically Reduces Felt Recoil
  2. Stabilizes Muzzle Movement (muzzle rise and side to side)
  3. Extreme Flash Suppression (totally eliminates flash on most barrel lengths)
  4. Zero Concussion Blast toward the shooter.

Designing a muzzle brake that will maximize the highest reduction in recoil has two major trade-offs, concussion blast and a major increase in muzzle flash (usually a large fire ball). The concussion blast hits the shooter and other shooters that are adjacent to the muzzle. The concussion can disrupt target engagement. In addition the concussion blast kicks up the ground when shooting prone. The increase in muzzle flash will black out vision in the dark and moreover give away the shooters position.

Designers have chased their tail to try to figure out how to maximize recoil reduction and minimize concussion blast and muzzle flash, but there efforts have been futile. It has been a give and take; increase recoil reduction = increase concussion and muzzle flash, reduce concussion and muzzle flash = decrease recoil reduction. The quest has been to design a muzzle break that maximizes recoil and eliminates concussion and flash. That quest is over.

Rev2010’s advanced grid baffle eliminates any felt concussion by the shooter and effectively reduces muzzle flash.  No other muzzle brake on the market has incorporated all these features into a single muzzle device.

Product Specifications:

Caliber:                                   223/5.56

Thread Size:                          1/2 – 28 TPI

Material:                                 416 SS

Finish:                                     Salt Bath Nitride

Dimensions:                          Length 2.90” x Diameter 0.980”

Weight:                                    4.0 oz